Boggo Road Prison
BOGGO ROAD PRISON Author - Stephen M Gage


CN & CS riot gas

There is nothing like CS gas to stir the rats when there is a riot on. Before the days of dogooders there was a major riot 1983 in D wing of 2 Division (this Wing still stands in all its glory) and the cheif officer said throw gas. Gas it was, and gas they got, it was so thick that you could chew it before it got to your lungs and the prisoners regreted their actions on that night.

The fire brigade were called in as usual and there was a requirement for portable metal saws, they had them and we protected them as they went about cutting through the steel gate in the wing. In a later diccussion with the two firemen, they said we are not coming back here to put up with that shit again, you can solve your own problems. The shit they were referring to was the debris, urine, molten plastic and steel beding being dropped on us by prisoners from the three floor of the cell block. The only protection we had were riot shields over head and to the flank, for limited use they and helmets could give.