Boggo Road Prison
BOGGO ROAD PRISON Author - Stephen M Gage

 Reunions - Camaraderie

 The next reunion is scheduled for Saturday the 7th of November 2009, this will be at the Carina Leagues Club and all patrons, I am sure, will be pleased with the extentions to the building. 

The Old and The Bold of who's Who.

Standing - Brian Liggins, Harry Kemp, Unknown, Kev Crowley, Ron Peacock, Vic Kowalski, Les Ephraims, Tom Molloy, Morrie Anstee, Dave Verrall, Glen Walker, Ron Borinetti, Jim Tobin, L Pitt, Tom Flynn, T Walker, Kev Tronc, Dave Vaughan, Des Facey, Ray Glynn, T King,  Bill Kennedy, Joe Crisafulli, Denis Harris.  

Seated- Harry (bluey) Winston, Bill Brooks, Alan Kinsey (Patron), Jack Farrell (cheif superintendant), Cyril Buckley, Jack Bainbridge & Bill Deichsel.