Boggo Road Prison
BOGGO ROAD PRISON Author - Stephen M Gage


 Books written by former officers.


1)            Boggo Road Prison - Riots to Ruin 2009, is the third known authoritive writting on Boggo Road Prison Complex by an officer. I have endevoured to present the book indexed and with a comprehensive list of officers that served there over a long period. The list will be built upon as the years progress and will become an authoritive presentation for researchers in the coming years.




(2)            Boggo Road & Beyond by Tom King 2007, Tom's book is a work of much thought, but like Roy's, there is no index. This book will be a good research tool in the future, especially about the conduct of Queensland Corrective Services Commission.


(3)           Nor Iron Bars a Cage by J R Stephenson 1982, Roy's book is fairly well compiled for the era, but dissapointing in that he did not use his own title for the work. The title was used on at least two other occasions over many years in England. Even in that era a few photos would have been nice.


Similar Subject.



               Brutal - Surviving Westbrook Boys Home by Alfred Fletcher a former detainee of Westbrook boys home. The same book has been reproduced and called The 'Brook. This home was the breeding ground for many criminals that went on, to Boggo Road Prison. The boys home is now called Darling Downs Correctional Centre and is used to facilitate prisoners with short sentences or in preparation for release.



                   New Release - Boggo Road Prison 'Architecture'  this book is the first to produce an in depth look at all the buildings that were built, demolished and modified of the time from 1883 - 2000. There are 187 pages with  a photograph on just about every page with commentary about the subject matter.



                        New Release - Boggo Road Prison 'Staff'  this book is also matched with the Architecture book above. It consists of 105 photographs of individual officers with many other group photographs and highlighted officers. There is a dedicated area for female officers with some fabulous group photographs. The rear of the book is dedicated to a data base of all officers that worked at Boggo Road and consists of 75 pages in alphabetical order.