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Memorabilia & Collecting



Collectors love these sites, there is always a bargain or an item worth trading with another collector. There are all varieties of badges, ensignia, buttons, flashes and rank worth looking at or trading with others. Don't forget the Long Service Medals that were issued to officers up to 1986, these are now becoming rare with time. The latest Australian Medal Book, 'Australians Awarded' 1815 -2007, by Clive Johnson mentions the following; On pages 336 - 337 Queensland Prison Service Medals,


Superintendants Long & Meritorious Service Medal, (silver in colour) value $500 plus, the ribbon is light blue with two wide central bands of burgundy.



Officers Long & Meritorious Service Medal, (Bronze) value $250 plus, the ribbon is the same light blue with two narrow outer bands of burgundy. 


A bronze rosette was available to denote other periods of service, and attached to the medal ribbon.


Another sort after badge is the original round hat badge of the Prison Service, collectors are looking everywhere and the price is anywhere from $200 each and are now very rare. The badge can also be seen in my book at the start of page 290  of my list of Boggo Road Officers.

30 Oct 11        After speaking to Pat Kopp (ex-chief) and (ex-Wacol storeman) at the Boggo Road Markets on Sunday, we have now come to the conclusion that there is another variety of Cap badge. This other badge is of the same design except it has an enamel insert of red behind the words 'Prisons Depatment Qld'. I am of the opinion that it may have been for Superintendants only.  Pat has informed me that his collection of badges will be donated to the BRGHS.


Some collectors are showing a particular interest in 'The Key', and I beleive that no one is willing to say that they have a full collection. I will speak to David and find out if he has a complete set. It would be nice to see reprints of the magazine. A complete set in the museum would be nice or on line.





For those of you that collect Dog Squad memorabillia, the current value of a dog squad badge is set at $1000. There are two known dog squad prototype badges and there value at this stage is unknown, with only one set being held by a retired officer who was not in the dog squad.