Boggo Road Prison
BOGGO ROAD PRISON Author - Stephen M Gage

Book Contents;


    A Wing - The Hanging Wing

The Chapters

1   Historically Convict - an insight into the establishment of the penal system in Queensland.

2   Induction, Training & Sport - the begining of my career in the prison system.

3   Experience, Camaraderie & Service - learn the job and survive, friends for life.

4   Leadership, Precedence & Rehabilitation - the good and the bad of prison leadership.

5   Gates, Ghosts & Burials - the beatiful architecture of prison gates is un-equalled. Ghosts roam the precinct looking for the old cemetaries ( at least 2) while the government won't recognised the fact that they were within the prison walls. Other prisons have admitted to the mistakes.

6   Deaths & Suicides (Officers) - amoungst our ranks we have the 'fallen' the ones that could not survive the stress and burden of working with low life.

7   Training for Trouble - under trained, under funded and under managed, they were never prepared for any contingency.

8   Proceedings against Prison Officers - every culture has bad apples, we were no different, some officers were imprisoned others got away with it.

9   The 'Black Peter' Punishment Cells - old, effective and never forgotten. I spent some hours in there for the experience, one that I didnot forget.

10 Towers, Balconies & Catwalks - above the depravity of prison life and routine. A place to clear the mind and yet be ready to deal with a situation.

11 All that Was - with Poetry - open day at Boggo Road Prison.  An interesting insight into looking from a different perspective.

1 Gate new & old facade

12 Riots & Disturbances - the bad and ugly of mankind. The lack of decision making from leaders. The breakdown in prisoner discipline was evident and we had to contain it.

13 Deaths & Mutilation (prisoners) - sometimes the cost of freedom is the highest for the crime committed.

14 Shootings, Escapes & Workshops - discharging of firearms was common and mostly unauthorised, except for some escapes. The workshops were generally occupied by prisoners with length sentences. 

15 Transport, Escorting & Handcuffs - a fascinating look at the mode of transport used by the convict population, and what they had to endure. The developement of restraints was a God send and there use appropriate to say the least.

16 Community Liaison & Retired Officers - visits control, and the backbone of our service, the retired officers.

17 Courts, Watchhouses & Redundancies - prisoner appearances before the judiciary and then to a watchhouse were the norm.  The government come up   with a new way of retiring old officers, forced redundancies.

18 Prison Dog Squads - a book could be written about this subject on its own. This chapter is purely to enlighten the un-initiated about the specialist role dog handlers play.

19 Woodford Prison - the original prison was a bottler and should never have been demolished. There were geese on the perimiter and a collection  of other animals as well. Tom King make the place run efficient, effective and accountable.

20 Armourers, Ranges & Pistol Clubs - as the subject denotes, firearms are the game and they saved at least 3 prisons, especially shotguns.

21 Decommissioning & Retirement - an enlightning subject about departmental deception, to retire staff.

22 Prison Medals & Recipients - current long service awards are not state issued, but Commonwealth. There have never been any awards available  to staff for bravery or other courageous acts during riots or escapes, from the Queensland government.

The above walkway, connecting 3 & 4 Towers is seen from 2 Division Compound through the mesh gate onto the Track. The two officers are at there vigilant best, well at least for the photograph.