Boggo Road Prison
BOGGO ROAD PRISON Author - Stephen M Gage





An amendment to the escape history of John Sweeney is required. In the book it stated that John had only 3 escapes to his name, I erred it is 4, no it is 5 and he still survives. John now holds the record for any officer that ever lost a prisoner in his care! That should rate him an award or medal. A further record has now been unearthed, John has also been accredited with two escapes from wheelchairs, that can't be beaten. 

                                                                                  signed; Red Dog



I would like to say a Special thanks to Dick Carey for sending me an ammended list of Officers to upgrade the master copy.

                                                                                  signed; Stephen   



To the anonymous letter writer, thankyou for correcting some of my mistakes.

Vikky Mills was the First Female Transport & Escort Driver (not Female Div)

signed; Stephen 29 July 2011