Boggo Road Prison
BOGGO ROAD PRISON Author - Stephen M Gage



Some people are so tight with there pension that they want the book for half price, yes can you beleive it. Guess who, yes thats right, (sleepy or pockets) Brian Burdett only wants to pay $15 because he made a contribution to the book. His mate Ray Cassells paid full price, and yet he made a large contribution.

                                                                                   signed; Author 



An amendment to the escape history of John Sweeney is required. In the book it stated that John had only 3 escapes to his name, I erred it is 4, no it is 5 and he still survives. John now holds the record for any officer that ever lost a prisoner in his care! That should rate him an award or medal. A further record has now been unearthed, John has also been accredited with two escapes from wheelchairs, that can't be beaten. 

                                                                                  signed; Red Dog



I would like to say a Special thanks to Dick Carey for sending me an ammended list of Officers to upgrade the master copy.

                                                                                  signed; Stephen   



To the anonymous letter writer, thankyou for correcting some of my mistakes.

Vikky Mills was the First Female Transport & Escort Driver (not Female Div)

signed; Stephen 29 July 2011